Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mike He & Joe Cheng Same Stage - Won't Affect Friendship

Friday August 3, 2007 Taiwan

Mike He & Joe Cheng Same Stage - Won't Affect Friendship

Translated by: stephanieshieh @
Source: Yahoo! News / ETToday

Lately been said by the media as having a brokeback relationship Mike He and Joe Cheng will be on the same stage in Shanghai for a promotional event. Unbelievably, the media all tried to go to this event, letting the event sponsor to be worried and kept the gates secured, in case there was some sudden conflict. Mike and Joe both generouslly expressed that the paparazzi was just trying to make news up, and they won't be awkward on stage together.

With swarms of paparazzi outside, the event sponsor just wouldn't allow the gate to be open, saying that there would be a high chance of a sudden burst of conflict.

What kind of charms does a celebrity need to have to have this kind of tight security? After the media exposed what seems like a brokeback relationship, Mike and Joe have been under tight scrunity, and this is the first time after that exposure they are promoting together, so the event sponsor feels that something might go wrong suddenly, so decided to keep tight security on.

As for Mike and Joe being on the same stage, there are girl entertainers separating them, even though they had smiles on their faces, but they had no contact with each other... does that mean they're awkward? Mike generouslly responded, "Everyone's good friends, so there is no awkwardness. Because there is nothing going on, and the fact that the magazine was reporting lies, so the friendship has not changed."

And what did Joe say; does he really mean all the good things he said about Mike [ that way ] ? Joe expressed that everything is just rumors, and emphasized that looking in someone's diary is immoral, and hopes that good reporters won't do that in the future.

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